Eclipsecon 2017 Recap

What happens when your city is the epicenter of a cosmic event? You hold a con! The Bros had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tag along with Epoch Talent, LLC and hang out with some great talent and con-goers in Hopkinsville, KY. While the region awaited the cosmic show on Monday, August 17, they came to the convention center to play video games, score some sweet merch from vendors, and meet some pretty awesome celebrities.

On hand for the convention were Santiago Cirilio, of Walking Dead and Nashville fame, Samantha Newark, songwriter and voice of the truly outrageous cartoon rocker herself, Gem, as well as Michaela DIetz, voice of Amethyst on Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe.

It was a fun con and even though it’s very much a flash in the pan (as the eclipse won’t be a yearly occurrence), organizers are hoping to build on the momentum and possibly turn the con into a more regular event!