Indy Pop Con 2017 Recap

The second con of the year is in the books for the bros!

This was the first official con that we also served our primary roles as a part of Epoch Talent, representing three guests at the event – Johnny Yong Bosch, Caitlin Glass, and Greg Grunberg. Indy also featured the first con appearance of a new ‘babe’, Lauren Wheeler. She joins the esteemed ranks of bros and babes that have conned with THE bros.

I debuted my first cosplay attempt (a poorly put together Outback from G.I. Joe) and while ‘working’ at a con takes a lot of the time, we still managed to have a ton of fun and meet lots of great folks. It was a pleasure getting to spend the weekend with the talented actors and cosplayers, as well as working with the folks behind the scenes to make a con as large as Indy’s come together year in and year out.

Looking forward to next year!